Welcome to Dingle
My name is Grace Flannery, I’m the program co-director at SHU in Dingle. My role is to oversee both the academic and social aspects of the students’ time here, and I also teach biology and ecology. I was raised in Dingle and am very passionate about the area and making sure that students get an opportunity to experience all the place has to offer, whilst also receiving an excellent education. I am but one member of a very dedicated team of staff, and we aim to make your study abroad experience in Dingle the best experience it can be.

Sacred Heart University is quite unique in that it is one of the few universities in the US to have a committed study abroad campus with full-time SHU staff. This means that students receive all the same facilities and support in Dingle as they would at the main SHU campus in Fairfield.

Sacred Heart University chose Dingle for their Irish study abroad campus because it is a beautiful coastal town, full of culture and character, as well as being a very friendly and safe community. Students can easily walk around the town and to all the local stores, restaurants, and cafes. With a population of only 2,000 people, crime is virtually nonexistent, and the townspeople are very welcoming and protective of the Sacred Heart students. Dingle has a strong sense of community, and the students are very much part of this community.

When students come to Dingle, we want to ensure that they experience what it is like to truly live in Ireland – the culture, the sense of community, and the beauty of the landscape, not just the four walls of the classroom; thus, a key goal is to give students first-hand experience of Irish culture with minimal time in a traditional classroom setting. Students will spend the majority of their educational time out and about on the peninsula, whether it be visiting ancient archaeological sites, talking to local business owners, or exploring coastal flora and fauna.

Dr. Grace FlanneryOf course, while here, we also want students to experience many of the great opportunities that Ireland has to offer. Among the many activities we offer, students can try surfing, kayaking, traditional Irish dancing, horseback riding and pottery-making. If students come for an entire semester, we also organise several trips away to other famous locations in Ireland such as Killarney, Galway, and the Cliffs of Moher. The semester also includes a weekend trip to London, where students get to experience British culture and visit many famous London landmarks.

If you have any questions about Dingle or the study abroad program, I would be more than happy to answer them for you. Please feel free to email me at [email protected].


Dr. Grace Flannery
Program Co-director
Sacred Heart University in Dingle

Student & Parent Testimonials

"Going into Sacred Heart, a Study Abroad program was not at the forefront of our decision. When the opportunity came up for my son to study in Dingle, it was something that I had to make happen. Being second generation Irish here in the States, and having visited Ireland myself I was excited for Ian to study in Dingle. I knew he would love the country and he would love the people. It was exciting for him to see where his great grandparents grew up and to learn about the culture and the ways of the Irish people. It turned out to be so so much more for him. Life changing, I would say. First of all, he made life long friends while studying over there. The students became like a family. Secondly, he grew and matured as an adult more than I could have possibly imagined. He traveled to other countries and saw things I'm still waiting to see. He had adventures and the excitement of exploration and education. He learned so much about himself and his craft while there. Thank God for the digital age because he brought me along for the ride through pictures and texts and phone calls. Nothing is more satisfying for a parent than watching their child fulfill a dream and be genuinely joyful and happy. Every picture, every communication showed me that....and even more satisfying was him making the Dean's list while he was there. Best thing I could have ever done for my son!"
Bernadette Hyland McCracken, mother of Ian Baron, SHU student
"My name is Grace Sullivan and I am a Health Science major with a triple minor in Speech Language Pathology, Theology & Religious Studies, and Music! I was able to study in Dingle, Ireland for the winter intersession of 2020 (December 2019-January 2020). I have never had an experience like learning in Ireland. When I decided to take the sociology course Images of Ireland, I wasn’t sure what to expect but like all the professors who teach in Dingle, she was very kind, encouraging, and wanted us to immerse ourselves into the culture. A regular class day was spent going on adventures as a class (and/or combined with other classes) while the other half of the class day was spent in a classroom reviewing our materials/experiences. Not only was the weather spectacular, but so were the people! Some of my favorite free time activities that highlighted my experience were horseback riding on the beach, the sleighed tour, celebrating New Years, going to the aquarium, and getting ice cream!! The culture in Dingle had impacted me as well. Their laidback expressions and mentality of taking the time to do each task instead of stressing about multiple things at once has helped me “to be on Dingle time” which to this day, I am very thankful for. I had made the joke that I would have to return because I had left half of my heart there, and now for the winter session of 2022, I'll be going again!"
Grace Sullivan, Health science major
"My name is Aidan L. Murphy, and I am a senior coastal and marine science major with minors in chemistry and Spanish. My sophomore year I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Dingle Ireland for a semester, and although it was cut short, I still had an unbelievable time, and would recommend that anyone who can study abroad should. I am so grateful for the time I had there. All the professors were beyond knowledgeable and helped to provide awesome hands on experiential learning through things like dissections of local marine life, hikes to observe local topography, as well as field trips to local businesses and locations to learn things from professionals in the field. My friends and I can’t wait to go back." Aidan L. Murphy, Coastal and marine science major
Aidan L. Murphy, Coastal and marine science major
"My study abroad experience in Dingle, Ireland was truly the highlight of my college experience. I quickly felt right at home and welcomed by all the locals. Being able to continue my education while also immersing myself in a different country was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never take for granted. Every day had something special, whether it was exploring a new city, learning about an Irish landmark in class and then going on field trip later that day to see it, trying new foods and activities, and meeting so many unique people. I am so grateful for Dingle and the amazing memories and friends that my study abroad experience gave me."
Caitlin Beranger, Exercise science major
“Studying abroad in Dingle as a nursing major was the best experience of my college career. I was able to experience the beauty and culture of Ireland’s west coast while learning how to become more independent and grow individually. I cannot put into words how much I enjoyed my time there, Dingle is such a beautiful town and so easy to fall in love with I consider it to be my second home and it was heart breaking when I had to leave. I am so thankful for this experience and the friendships I made. Everything about my study abroad experience was amazing. Dingle, Ireland will always hold a piece of my heart.”
Fiona Kerrigan, Nursing major