Safety & Care

Get the most from your time in Ireland

Health & Safety of SHU in Dingle Students

Student Support

SHU in Dingle have dedicated student support staff who help ensure the health, safety, and well-being of our students abroad. These staff can be contacted to assist with all student need. Support for housing, health, academics or just needing to talk, our staff are available to help.


GeoBlue: Overseas Accident & Sickness Insurance

As part of the SHU in Dingle program all students are enrolled in a GeoBlue health insurance plan which will provide you with service and protection in the event you become ill or injured during your program. The cost is included in the payment of the study abroad fee. Prior to your departure, you will receive an insurance card along with a description of GeoBlue benefits and covered medical expenses.

The plan includes the following:

  • Up to $250,000 medical coverage (accident/sickness) with zero deductible
  • Medical evacuation and repatriation coverage
  • Emergency service with 24-hour worldwide telephone assistance


If you need non-emergency medical care overseas, you may contact GeoBlue directly at the phone number or email address on your ID card for 24/7 service and assistance.

If you go to a physician registered with GeoBlue, there is usually no deductible and no co-payment for your medical care. However, you will need to pay for prescription medicine out-of-pocket. If you do not go to a GeoBlue provider you can submit a claim for reimbursement.


Medical Health

If you are injured or become unwell during your stay in Dingle, you can attend the local medical center. Dingle Medical Centre or Dingle Doc will cater to any of your health needs.

This health service is provided free of charge by GeoBlue Insurance to any student requiring medical care. All consultations are completely confidential, and can only be revealed to others with your consent.

If you are traveling outside of Ireland, GeoBlue has already identified and certified physicians who can provide medical care in your location. The list of certified physicians can be found on the GeoBlue website.


Student Counselling

Counseling and support are available for students who require assistance in dealing with problems, which may be blocking their academic and social progress here in Dingle. A staff member at SHU in Dingle can arrange a counsellor, locally, for you to talk to. Anything you share with SHU in Dingle staff members will be keep in complete confidence, unless in a situation where you may be a danger to yourself or someone else.

SHU Emergency Contact Information

In case of extreme emergencies, the OGA can be reached 24 hours a day by calling SHU Campus Public Safety Department at 203-371-7911.

In the event of a political, social, or natural emergency, the SHU Crisis Management team will be in close contact with the on-site staff at SHU in Dingle to deal with any arising situations.