Spring Semester in Dingle

Term Overview

The Spring semester in Dingle begins after the New Year’s parties have left; Dingle is one of the most sought-after places to celebrate the new year. The early Spring semester has far fewer tourists so students are able to get to know local merchants and strike up many friendships in town. Dingle has a moderate climate and temperatures range from 45 degrees (F) in early February to 55 degrees (F) by April. Students studying for a full semester in Dingle are able to experience other places around Ireland, with trips to Galway, Dublin, and an extended trip to London.

Courses offered Spring 2019:

  • BI 104 Intro to Coastal Ecology – Foundational Core, LAE
  • BI 199 Science of Surfing and Sailing – Foundational Core
  • BI 278 Coastal Ecology – Foundational Core, LAE, Biology Elective
  • BI 276 Oceanography – Foundational Core, Biology Elective
  • BI 303 GIS for Environmental Applications, Biology Elective
  • CM 135 Irish Cinema Foundational Core, LAE
  • CM 231 Introduction to International Field Production
  • CM 396 Internship CM majors only
  • NU 215 Health Assessment Required for NU major
  • NU 310 Pathophysiology Required for NU major; online
  • CIT 202 Catholic Intellectual Traditions II
  • AN 230 Culture, Community and Folklore Foundational Core, LAE
  • TRS 271 Celtic Religious Traditions Foundational Core, LAE