May Short Term in Dingle

Term Overview

Reward yourself for the completion of a successful academic year with a fun-and-learning-filled summer program in Dingle! We run two short-term programs, one after the other, beginning in May and lasting for two weeks each. Take one of our wide range of 3-credit courses while enjoying the long days and mild weather of early summer in Ireland. You will have the opportunity to experience exhilarating outdoor activities like surfing, horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, and boat tours around the gorgeous local coastline. Summer in Dingle is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Click on the course pages below to see overviews of the contents.

Session I: 12th – 27th of May

BI 104/258 Experiences in Coastal Ecology of Ireland
CM 132 Introduction to Irish Media and Performing Arts
CM 299 Technology Trends in Tourism – Immersive Ireland
EC 295 Contemporary Issues in Economics: Ireland
EX 299 Contemporary Investigation of Irish Sports from an Exercise Science Perspective
NU 370 Nursing Leadership in Ireland
PH 353 Bioethics: Philosophical Approaches
PS 389 Celtic Connections & Enriching the Brain
SM 265 Sport Marketing
THR 199/CIT 199 Wild Irish Spirits

Session II: 27th of May – 10th of June

AR 229 Intro to Painting: The Irish Experience
BI 199/PH 294 Tombs, Treks, and Transcendence
CJ 252 Law & Order, Ireland: Comparative Criminal Justice
CM 299/MGT 299 Global Strategic Business Communication
CMD 399 Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology in the US and Ireland
ENG 299 Ghost, Changelings, and Mermaids: Strange Bodies in Irish Writing
HS 230 Introduction to Global Health
MK 299 Sustainable Tourism Marketing
NU 299 Cultural Diversity in Healthcare Delivery
PS 299/MGT 299 Cross-Cultural Work & Personnel Psychology: U.S., Ireland, and Around the World
SO 239/SW 224/HS 299 Human Diversity and Social Justice/Diversity and Oppression