Fall Semester in Dingle
Fall Semester in Dingle
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Term Overview

Experience the festive cheer and seasonal delights of Fall in Dingle! With the town moving from the hustle and bustle of late August into the cozier atmosphere of autumn and early winter, you will get to know your neighbors and business providers like a real local.

While taking in the beauty of the Irish coastline during its seasonal shift, you will also get to experience Dingle’s busiest time for arts and culture. Sample the local foods and crafts on offer at the Dingle Food Festival in early October; partake in the workshops, talks, and screenings of the Dingle Literary Festival and the Dingle International Film Festival throughout November, and cap it off with the internationally renowned Other Voices Music Festival in early December!

Ireland stays green throughout the fall season, with temperatures ranging from the 60s at the beginning of the semester to generally no lower than the 40s by its end. Students get to do amazing outdoor activities like surfing, horseback riding, and kayaking, travel to Galway and London on weekends away (all covered by the program fee!) and enjoy plenty of downtime to soak up the local culture. Check out the Activities section for more information.

Application deadline: March 15th 2023