How to apply

How to Apply

Applications for SHU in Dingle

Applications will become available based on the following timeline:

1. Make an appointment
Schedule an advising appointment with our Associate Director at the Office of Global Affairs.

2. Apply online
You must submit an application through the OGA website. Don’t forget to pay attention to the program deadlines!

3. Check your submissions
Check the website to make sure you have submitted all of the required documents and completed all sections of the application.

4. Check your homepage
After you have completed the application, check your application and SHU email regularly. You will receive acceptance notification via email.

5. Confirm Participation
Once accepted, you must confirm your participation within 2 weeks. You will have additional paperwork to complete and will receive program-specific information (flight dates, immigration, course offerings, etc.).

6. Complete Post-Acceptance Materials
You must submit all post-acceptance materials listed on your application.

7. Attend Pre-Departure Orientation
Attendance at the pre-departure meeting is mandatory, which will cover important topics such as health/safety, cultural adjustment, communication, packing, finances, etc.