Communication, Media + Arts in Dingle
CM 299 – Technology Trends in Tourism: Immersive Ireland

Heritage tourism offers experiences that involve visiting and engaging with places, artifacts, activities, and cultures. These experiences seek to authentically represent the past from multiple perspectives. Dingle, Ireland (in Irish – Daingean Uí Chúis) dates back over 6000 years, making it a prime location for heritage tourism. In order to create an authentic experience, it is not enough to just be a passive observer. Visitors want to immerse themselves in a rich, cultural experience by going to a deeper level, below the surface of a destination.

By integrating history and culture with cutting-edge technology in immersive environments, we can both preserve heritage, and enrich the visitor experience and engagement with history. This course explores the potential for emerging technology such as artificial intelligence, robots, Internet of Things, and augmented/virtual reality to create immersive, memorable, tourism experiences, particularly related to heritage tourism in Ireland.