Social Work in Dingle
SW224/SO239 – Human Diversity and Social Justice

Learn about human diversity and social justice through a comparative, global lens in Dingle, Ireland. Possible experiences integrated into the course will be visits with community members to highlight experiences of diversity and social justice as well as the John Moriarty Institute for Ecology and Spirituality.

This course provides a framework for understanding how diversity characteristics shape the human experience and is critical to the formation of identity.  The dimensions of diversity can be understood as the intersection of multiple factors and, because of difference, a person’s life experiences may include oppression, poverty, marginalization, and alienation as well as privilege, power, and acclaim.  This course includes integration of a social justice and human rights perspective in line with the Catholic Intellectual Tradition.  Students will develop beginning skills in assessing and intervening in macro practice that addresses social inequities, oppression, and equitable access to resources.

This course has been approved to meet the two Liberal Arts Explorations of 1) Humanistic Inquiry and 2) Social and Global Awareness.




  • Photo of Bronwyn  Cross-Denny Ph.D.
    Bronwyn Cross-Denny Ph.D.
  • Photo of Private: Patricia Carl-Stannard MSW, LCSW
    Private: Patricia Carl-Stannard MSW, LCSW
  • Photo of Private: Donagh Hennebry M.Sc
    Private: Donagh Hennebry M.Sc
  • Photo of Maura McCarthy Rhodes LCSW, MS
    Maura McCarthy Rhodes LCSW, MS