Health Science in Dingle
HS 303/MPH 590 – Health Promotion: Food, Nutrition & Society

Health education and promotion activities are increasingly supported by evidence showing positive impacts on various health indicators, as supported by contemporary research being performed in the Irish health sector. Using Irish population health goals as a framework, this course will use frequently occurring health conditions to explore health education models and health promotion interventions. Attention will also be given to measuring health and the impact of lifestyle choices on healthcare needs and costs within the context of ethical principles, with a special focus on food & diet.

Students will be introduced to the fundamental concepts of nutritional as a scientific, social, behavioral, and public health construct. During the course, students will experience the local nutritional scene in Dingle, Ireland. The exploration will include food markets, culinary venues, and review of national and local policies. Students will also learn how the built environment influences food choice and physical activity, and how the environmental differences between US and Dingle support or hinder healthy lifestyles

The course is open to graduate students and undergraduate students and as an MPH course, is not restricted to any specific major nor college.