Communication, Media + Arts in Dingle
CM 300/MGT 299 – Global Strategic Business Communication

The course provides an integrated, intercultural approach to the study and application of business communication using service-learning, focusing on businesses in Ireland. Specifically, students will examine and analyze cultural diversity as it applies to business communication, focusing on how to analyze and evaluate global business communication practices and strategies and work with an Irish business to help improve business communication through the completion of a team-based service-learning project.

The course will also introduce students to both the hidden (beneath-the-surface) and visible (what we see but take-for-granted given its naturalized appearance) aspects of power that constitute intercultural business communication encounters and relations within the Irish culture.

This course will count as a SCMA Production Elective and can be substituted for any non-required course within the Global Media & Communication minor.

This course fulfils the Social & Global Awareness, and Humanistic Inquiry LAE requirement.