Liberal Arts in Dingle
HI255 – Celtic and Irish History

Spend 2 weeks exploring breathtaking Dingle town and Dingle peninsula, County Kerry, Ireland, studying how the environment has shaped history. The west of Ireland has a very long and interesting history. This course surveys ancient Celts in Europe, through medieval tribes and migrations to present Celtic regions and Ireland. It will highlight important places of memory (tombs, hill forts, monasteries, cities, rebellions) as well as mythology and heroes that contributed to a distinctive culture still present in modern Ireland. Students will visit archeological ruins, old churches and monasteries, castles, fishing harbors, and places of industry.

Hands-on history; site visits
In-depth study of the town of Dingle in the context of Irish history: discover original and first civilizations; the purpose of these developments; and what this meant to people of the time and now in the present.
Where was the original settlement?
Who first built St. James Church and what international connections did it have?
Where were the town walls and why were they built?
What were the main crafts and industries, and who did they trade with?
Students will assist Dr. Roney in creating an historical walking tour that will be made available for tourists.

This course fulfills the requirement at SHU for the Thematic Liberal Arts: Freedom, Equality, Common Good; &  Liberal Arts Explorations: Humanistic Inquiry and Global and Social Awareness.