Biology in Dingle
BI274 – Coastal Management

Coastal management is complex and integrates multidisciplinary natural and social sciences. It requires continuous exploration and knowledge about the relationships between habitats, applied ecology, climate, oceanography, watersheds and all types of human activities that affect coastal ecosystems as well as coastal communities (e.g. urban development, tourism, fisheries, protected areas, aquaculture, agriculture, etc.). Numerous issues face the world’s coastlines and the key question is whether  coasts can be managed to successfully and sustainably absorb the pressures. Understanding the function, health, and resilience of coastal ecosystems is imperative for successful applications in adaptive coastal management.  This course follows a case study approach and provides a general overview of past and present activities as well as potential future practices in integrated coastal management. It will also describe main principles, strategies and methods in coastal management, development of coastal management plan and the basic processes of its implementation.